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Creator Jordan Hannah

I am a Houston-based cinematographer specializing in videography, headshots, music videos, and short films. I'm best known for delivering stories that are beautiful, dark, and thought provoking that focus on strong and often times heartbreaking experiences. I offer an edgy and creative style to all of my projects with a focus on natural lighting and emotional photography / cinematography. Most people describe my projects as moving, sensitive, and even vulnerable; and I'm happy with that. I find joy in creating stories of natural everyday people experiencing challenging moments in their life. 

As your creator, I like to say that you will be more than happy with hiring me. Despite all the gloom and doom I film, I enjoy helping others to be relaxed and feel natural while assisting in creating their stories (photography, videography, etc.) I consider myself an artist, a maverick. One of my favorite things is doing something crazy (such as tying myself to the hood of a car) to get the best photo or scene I can create.

Black lives matter. Period. I have zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, abuse, homophobia, or harassment. I support marriage equality, as well as honesty, diversity, and the empowerment of other. These are essential to both my professional and personal beliefs. 

I love telling stories through my art, and if you've read through this whole biography I hope my next story is yours. Please feel free to reach out to me at and as always "Be excellent to each other".





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